When furnishing your school, you should never overlook whiteboards. It is important that it lasts from lesson to lesson, year to year. Luckily, we partner with the most reliable names in the school furniture industry to make sure your whiteboards do just that. Whether you need a plain and simple whiteboard or something more creative, our partners have a wide selection of boards for any situation.

William Peterson and Associates is excited to partner with Platinum Visual Systems, a whiteboard manufacturer based in California. With over 5 decades of industry experience, you can rely on them to produce a high-quality whiteboard, whatever your needs. They specialize in digital display products and make it their priority to design functional, durable whiteboards for the classroom. Their most recent product catalog features dozens of new designs for any time of classroom. Including standard whiteboards mounted to the wall, Platinum Visual Systems offers an array of size options to give you the perfect fit. Their models also include metal lips to easily store markers when not in use. When portability is a must, they also offer rolling whiteboards, with the ability to flip and write on multiple sides. Whether you need a small board for the classroom or one to cover the entire wall, we can deliver it to your school. 

MooreCo is another trusted manufacturer we work with to deliver high-quality whiteboards for the classroom. If you are looking for a blend of style and practicality, MooreCo has plenty of options in their Active Environments Catalog. They feature desks with a whiteboard top, enabling students to brainstorm and collaborate from their desks. Or if your school is looking to modernize its technology, they also offer an interactive projector board and whiteboard system, entirely portable and created with state-of-the-art electronics. It can be moved from room to room, and its projection capabilities mean it can be used for just about anything teachers need. Products like this are why we partner with MooreCo: because they help us deliver innovative solutions that help your students learn and grow.

Your school’s whiteboards should be reliable, durable, and easy to clean. At William Peterson and Associates, we partner with only the most reputable manufacturers to deliver you the highest quality whiteboards and classroom furniture possible. 

We are excited to work with your school to find the best solution to your school’s whiteboard needs. Our agents are always available to assist you, and will work with you to determine pricing, shipping, and other special needs you may have. We hold ourselves to a high standard of customer service, and we only partner with manufacturers who hold themselves to that same standard.

Click here to contact us directly. We at William Peterson and Associates look forward to serving you.

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