WP Peterson & Associates’ primary furniture specialty is in the area of seating. For over three decades, we’ve been providing reliable chairs and other methods of seating to K-12 schools, colleges, arenas, sports facilities, offices, restaurants, and more. We strive to meet the requirements of your furniture project to the letter and offer affordable furniture plans and full delivery and installation.

We work with several of the best intermountain manufacturers to provide chairs, stools, benches, and other methods of seating. Our manufacturers pass on the costs to us so you aren’t stuck with furniture you can’t afford to pay for. We offer the most affordable prices for small or large furniture plans to meet different budgets. The manufacturers we work with are Hussey, Grand Rapids Chair Co, Holsag, Jasper Chair, National Public Seating, OM Seating, and RFM Seating.

Hussey manufactures portable, fixed, and telescopic seating for arenas, gyms, lecture halls, and more, and has even serviced NBA facilities. WP Peterson & Associates offers their line, Clarin, for ultra-comfortable, portable gym and theater seating. Grand Rapids Chair Co, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has provided high-quality chairs for commercial dining spaces for more than 20 years. Using all locally sourced raw materials, they ensure that their innovative dining chairs are just as durable as they are comfortable and eye-catching.

Holsag is a top manufacturer of high-quality wooden chairs and other seating pieces for government facilities, churches, hospitals, schools, senior living, and more. Located in Ontario Canada, they offer many different styles of extremely durable chairs made from European Beech Hardwood that are sure to last for years. Jasper Chair has been hand-building chairs for pubs, libraries, resorts, senior living centers, and more, for a century. Sourcing from responsible foresters, they make it a priority to not cut corners during the production process.

A manufacturer born from Oklahoma Sound, National Public Seating provides durable, comfortable chairs with innovative features that solve problems students face with seating. With a focus on portable furniture for schools, they also offer cafeteria tables, stage risers, and podiums. For the more aesthetic-focused customers, OM Seating provides stylish, ergonomic, and smart seating options for collaborative workspaces, offices, and healthcare facilities. RFM Seating is proud to manufacture environmentally-friendly chairs for any work environment. Their chairs and stools are ergonomically designed to increase productivity, encourage better posture, and promote joint and muscle health.

WP Peterson & Associates provides full-service delivery and installations for chairs across several school districts in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Nevada. We work with you to set up the ideal furniture plan for your facility and ensure that the highest quality of service is retained throughout the process. Our knowledgeable furniture specialists offer perfect recommendations for the needs of our customers. Have a need that isn’t mentioned on our website? Get in touch with us and we’ll customize a plan and find a solution for your establishment’s furniture needs.

For more information or to get started with creating your new furniture plan, please contact us today.

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