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William Peterson & Associates has been a top supplier of lounge furniture for the past 38 years. We know furniture can be especially pricey, so we’ve made it our job to provide hotels, colleges, hospitals, and other establishments with lounge furniture that is durable yet affordable. Communicating directly with the appropriate members of each establishment, we provide full-service delivery and installation of lounge furniture throughout the Intermountain West.

We work with the best manufacturers of lounge furniture to provide you with high-quality, durable solutions that are sure to promote relaxation in the workplace, at hotels, or even in schools. The manufacturers we currently work with include Integra Seating, The Sofa Source, and Leeder Furniture. Our manufacturers use the best sourced raw materials available to them and pass the costs to us, which means we leave you with an affordable price that will fit many budgets.

Integra Seating is a family-owned and operated manufacturing company that provides durable and aesthetically pleasing seating solutions and tables. In their lounge furniture collection, they offer chairs, settees, sofas, ottomans, and tables of different styles for luxury relaxation.

Serving as Utah’s main sofa provider since 1985, The Sofa Source is a manufacturer of lounge chairs, sofas, restaurant booths, and more. They make custom furniture that meets your specific needs and design requirements. Their chairs and sofas are perfect for college dormitories, common areas, and hotels.

Committed to a green future, Leeder Furniture is proud to be an environmentally friendly furniture source that uses raw materials farmed and harvested with the ecosystem in mind. Leeder provides lounge chairs, corner seats, ottomans, sectional sofas, and other flexible lounge furniture in a variety of colors and styles.

William Peterson & Associates doesn’t just aid in the selection of furniture, we also provide fulls-service delivery and installation across five states including Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Nevada. Need a rush order? Our experts will work with you to get furniture installed quickly and efficiently, well before the deadline.

For more information or to get started with selecting new furniture, contact us directly and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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