Lecture/Theater Seating

Over three decades now, William Peterson and Associates is a widely known and trusted brand committed to meet the furniture needs of the educational system. We offer a custom and functional learning environment for all schools we work with, by understanding their unique needs as well as giving well-designed spaces that exceed their expectations. We specialize in providing lecture or theater seating solutions for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools on time and under budget. Likewise, we work directly with the school heads and management to ensure that our suggestions align exactly with the needs and budget of each project.

Our partners and manufacturers are the best in the industry which includes Navetta Design that has been in the seating solution and innovation business for over 40 years with excellent track records of beautiful auditorium seating, lecture hall seating, and loose furniture installations. Sediasystems has been an excellent manufacturer and our provider of highly profound, and innovative lecture hall seating plus auditorium furniture, with the broadest array of fastened seating to cater to the dynamic needs of the student population in schools. Our lecture or theater seating specialists are available and reliable to help in meeting up with the details and timing of every placed order. Are you in urgent need of any delivery? We are available for you now!

We are known to be high ranking dealers with the best pricing and customer-friendly policies. The goal of all our manufacturers is to meet every need that may surface. Would you request furniture for a new school lecture/theater seating or replacement for the worn-out ones? We would provide them as soon as you place the order.

To know more about our lecture or theater seating and furniture, contact us now!