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As classrooms expand, so does the need for classroom furniture. Here at William Peterson & Associates, we specialize in furniture for elementary, middle school, high school, and college classrooms. William Peterson & Associates has been providing high-quality classroom furniture within the educational system for more than 38 years. We know what it’s like to need reliable furniture but not have a large budget, so we strive to provide schools and educational institutes with affordable furniture that meets their exact needs. We are your one-stop business for classroom furniture on a budget, from desks to chairs, and more. Communicating directly with school principals and other administration members, we provide customized recommendations for classroom furniture that best fits the needs and budget limitations of each plan.

It’s important for students to feel comfortable and encouraged to participate and do their best in school, and furniture plays a big part in that. We provide the educational system with classroom furniture solutions through some of the best manufacturers for classroom chairs, stools, tables, desks, pods, and combo pieces for learning in the 21st century. The Intermountain West manufacturers we work with include Scholar Craft and USA Capitol, who provide high-quality, American-made classroom furniture pieces. Our manufacturers pass on their best prices to us so we can provide you with classroom furniture pieces that fit within your budget, no matter how big or small it is.

Scholar Craft has been making elementary through high school furniture and more for over 60 years and focuses on providing chairs, desks, tables, and combo pieces that promote and encourage comfort, collaboration, and group discussion in classrooms. Their furniture selections are both modern-looking and ergonomic, making them perfect for students of every grade level K-12.

USA Capitol is a leading manufacturer of classroom furniture and prides itself on making 100% American-made furniture pieces sourced from the finest caliber of raw materials available in the US. While they primarily offer chairs and stools for seating solutions, they also have an excellent selection of adjustable tables and desks featuring their exclusive Glide System that can be customized for different flooring types.

Have a large order that needs filling fast? We work with our manufacturers to provide the absolute best prices, and go above and beyond to set up and install furniture quickly and efficiently, whether it’s completely changing out a whole school’s classroom furniture or just adding a few more desks to a classroom. Don’t want to set up classroom furniture yourself? Don’t worry. We manage and perform full classroom furniture installations for schools and other educational establishments throughout school districts in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada.

William Peterson & Associates’ furniture specialists are here for you throughout the process, ready to fill orders big and small while providing excellent advice and perfect furniture recommendations that will make renovating classrooms or adding new furniture much less of a hassle.

For additional information on our top-rated classroom furniture and installation services, or if you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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