WP Peterson & Associates doesn’t just sell seating and tables. For the past 38 years, we’ve also been a top supplier of casegoods – cabinets, shelves, cubbies, and other storage areas. We work with some top-tier casegood manufacturers to provide casegoods for offices, reception areas, kitchens, schools, and other spaces. Whether you’re revamping your company’s kitchen or adding new storage areas to your classroom, we have a casegoods solution for you at an affordable price.

We know how costly casegoods can get, so we work with the best manufacturers who use the best raw materials for casegoods of all kinds and offer the most affordable prices while retaining the highest quality for these products. WP Peterson & Associates ensure that each of the casegoods we sell look great, last long, and are flexible for a variety of needs without going over your budget’s limitations. Our current intermountain manufacturers for casegoods are Wisconsin Bench Manufacturing and Ironwood Manufacturing.

Wisconsin Bench Manufacturing is an American manufacturer that supplies furniture such as chairs, tables, media centers, locker room furniture, and casegoods to schools and other professional and educational environments. Some of their brands include BenchTops, World Famous Lockers, and Storage Solutions. Wisconsin Bench primarily focuses on offering furniture solutions for STEAM rooms and pieces for different teaching styles, but also provides casegoods for media centers and libraries. Their casegoods brand, CaseworkUSA, features excellently-built cabinets, shelves, and other storage solutions that fit nicely in any educational environment or office. Their durable casegoods are a perfect fit for modern learning, working, or recreational environments and promote interaction without adding distractions.

Located in Missoula, Montana, Ironwood Manufacturing manufactures high-quality school, library, and office furniture solutions that are built to last. They are committed to providing the best quality craftsmanship possible and even customize their existing furniture pieces to best suit your furniture needs if they are more specific. Their casegoods options range from more traditional casegood solutions to modular pieces with flexible designs so that you can customize your furniture arrangement without a hassle. Ironwood Manufacturing’s Denali mobile cabinet line features portable storage solutions that make perfect pieces for culinary facilities or science classrooms, while their Glacier line is for libraries.

WP Peterson & Associates care about our customers, so our specialists take the stress out of choosing from catalogs of furniture and do it for you, working directly with plan coordinators to select the best furniture for your needs. We provide a full-service delivery and installation to ensure that furniture arrives safely and is installed correctly. We offer furniture installations in K-12 schools in 15 school districts, over 30 colleges, state universities, and arenas across Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada. If furniture must be installed under time constraints, we can work with your schedule for urgent orders to get the job done well and in time.

If you need casegoods or storage solutions that aren’t featured on our website, or for more information on our services, please contact us directly and we’ll gladly assist you.