The school lunch table is an important place. It’s where students make friends, laugh and take a load off from their studies. But it can also be messy: that’s why you need reliable, easy to clean cafeteria tables and chairs that will survive the wear and tear of lunch hour.

Here at William Peterson and Associates, we have partnered with manufacturers like Palmer-Hamilton and SICO to deliver the highest quality furniture for your cafeteria.

Palmer-Hamilton is a trusted manufacturer based in Wisconsin that has been in business since 1946. We are proud to partner with one of the biggest names in the industry. They craft durable cafeteria furniture, primarily for K-12 schools and offices. Their Chariot Nomad line offers a wide selection of foldable tables and booths for your school’s cafeteria. Or if you are searching for a modern look, their Hive line offers the perfect blend of design and comfort. This is the perfect choice for schools looking to set themselves apart and incorporate furniture designs that will ‘wow’ parents and students. However, the right cafeteria tables and chairs should be practical as well– that’s why Palmer-Hamilton places a large focus on portability. Several of their tables and chairs come equipped with wheels, so your staff can easily rearrange the cafeteria for lunchtime, assemblies, or other events.

SICO, on the other hand, is a manufacturer based in Minneapolis. If you’re seeking a more traditional look for your school cafeteria, SICO has plenty of tables and chairs that fit the bill. All their models include a blend of finishes and laminates that make cleaning up after students easier than ever. Like Palmer-Hamilton, SICO prioritizes portability for easy maneuvering and storage. Their lines feature long rectangular cafeteria tables, where any number of students can share an eating space. They also offer round tables to encourage communication and community during lunch hour. We’re excited to partner with SICO because they have been designing state-of-the-art cafeteria furniture since 1951. They work with schools and organizations around the world and, like Palmer-Hamilton, are one of the most trusted manufacturers in this industry.

Your cafeteria furniture should breathe the identity of your school. Don’t rely on cheap tables and chairs for yours. At William Peterson and Associates, we partner with only the most reputable manufacturers to deliver you the highest quality furniture possible. A good price doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice comfort or practicality.

We are excited to work with your school to find the best solution to your school’s cafeteria furniture needs. Our agents are always available to assist you, and will work with you to determine pricing, shipping, and other special needs you may have.

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